Quicker, Faster, Stronger Program

Want to be….
Quicker  Faster  Stronger?
All Aspects QFS (Quicker Faster Stronger) Program 
This program was designed for athletes that want to take their game to the next level and seperate themselves from the average athlete. Elite athletes work on all phasis of their training to become the best!! This program will give you an opportunity to discover how much fun training can be and why fitness is the key to preventing injuries and improving in every sport they play. Emphasis on proper warm up, multi-directional speed, acceleration, lateral movement and strength flexibility.
STARTING NOV 2018 through April 2019
MONDAY OPENINGS: 6:45pm-7:30pm 
TUESDAY OPENINGS: 5:15pm-6pm & 8pm-8:45pm
Coach Bobby is available for one on one sessions $75 & BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:
CALL OR TEXT 708-595-0919 to book your quicker, faster stronger session.
Our 45 min classes will help you in your 40 yard dash, 60 yard dash, have better footwork, build a stronger core.
Perfect for travel teams or get a group of team mates, friends or family members and train in our QFS program. Call today for pricing and to book your session!!
Speed and Agility Tools  Footwork Ladder


Director of Speed, Agility, Stability, Power, Strength and Conditioning.

Graduate of Western Illinois and President of Bobby Bear Fun and Fitness. Partner of QFS (Quicker, Faster, Stronger). Holds clinical certifications as an exercise specialist in cardiac rehab and currently certified in the fitness field.

Bobby bear fun and fitness was started to correct lifestyles at a very young age. Childhood obesity is at an all time high and many adults are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Disease in children and adults can be corrected by changing lifestyle and implementing education on fitness and nutrition. Our goal is to ensure an impact on changing our children and the disease trends with exercise and nutrition. bobby bear fun and fitness developed a curriculum that produces healthier and happier individuals. We strive to Excel with Energy!

Bobby bear fun and fitness follows their own curriculum for cardiovascular strength training. This programming involves education along with vigorous activity. We use themes that change week to week along with exercise and nutrition words. The curriculum changes every week for an entire year. Every team member of bobby bear fun and fitness is certified “The bobby bear way” to promote our focus for fitness, nutrition and education with care and compassion. We are changing the world one child at a time!

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